The Problem

Promising marvelous gymnastic stunts and choreographed ice skating, Cirque du Soleil was set to chill Erie with a “Breakthrough Ice Experience” show. But since previous traditional media efforts were received too coldly, they came to Engel O’Neill for some last-minute creative to boost final ticket sales.

The Solution

Engel O’Neill combined PR events with digital and traditional media to expand consumer reach beyond the city of Erie into neighboring zip codes.

  • On-Air Ticket Giveaways – Radio stations were contacted outside of the current Cirque media that best served the adjacent towns and cities of Franklin, Oil City, Titusville, Meadville and Jamestown. Each station came up with a unique ticket giveaway using Cirque du Soleil’s brand-supporting large ice cubes.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Promotion – Ice cream shops in Saegertown, Meadville, Edinboro and Waterford created a special “Cirque du Soleil Sundae” available for one night only, which was advertised on Facebook within each store’s zip code. During a four-hour period, each store was visited by the Cirque van which gave out special prizes and discount ticket coupons. Customers’ photos with their specialized sundaes were shared on social media.
  • 5-Second Facebook Advertising – Quick Facebook ads were created to put more heat on the cool events.
Cirque du Soleil

The Results

Increased Ticket Sales